March 2018

YANGSABAY Tour is a company which have a large numbers of connection and partnership,so we have many choice of travel destination information.We
provide costumers with good service of transportation and travel information

March 2018

Nature is an important role in tourism. YANGSABAY always search for location
with amazing nature view for customer to feel joyful and release stress from the
sea; forest; mountains and water fall…..


Food and beverage
April 2018

We provide the testy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for customers in restaurants; local foods; and bars depend on the schedule. Our tour also has high scores in Facebook page review which provide an excellent food and beverage service.

March 2018

YANGSABAY always connect our tour to culture and history of the destination, which have professional tour guides who introduce you the information of culture and history of each destination base on documentary.


June 2018

We have many accommodation partners in Cambodia
with a high quality hospitality and high service with a nice
view of pool, and just make you feel like home.


March 2018

We are very appreciate for all customers who support and rate us as high scores
on Facebook page. We are really welcome you to enjoy our tour again.



Accessibility is the important part of YangSabay Tour Company.
We really pay attention on this point because it is the main part for every trip to get our destination safe and sound. We have
researched and studied to find the best choice of
roads, transportation, time and safest ways.



We provide you the most excellent transportation service by cars, bus, ship, boat, and airline with safety and fun. Our tour-leader have a sense of humor and amazing speech with history.Our tour operator create package tour with high experience, information research, road, climate,traffic news and bypassed way. Moreover, We provide information of weather, tourism attraction sites, Food & beverage, accommodations, nature, culture…


 Quality Hygiene and Safety


March 2018

YANGSABAY always choose the best local restaurant where provide food and
beverage service with a good quality for our customer. We provide many types of food Like snack, appetizer, main course, desert, buffet and drinks. Especially
Yangsabay tour also create optional event in restaurant.

Local Food and beverage
April 2018

Local food is a part of tourism. Customer can enjoy with harvesting and shopping local food from local farmer,and they can learn the way of harvesting with fresh air and nice view.

June 2018

We are the only one tour in Cambodia who provide snack for our customer because we always think about customer feeling and hope that they will enjoy our service in very part of tour.



Customers always care about the place they sleep
because it’s the most important part of tour after they have traveled a day long . That’s why Yangsabay screening carefully about accommodations
which have high quality service with 4 or 5 stars local hotels.



The accommodations are fun to stay, comfortable and good service which is in a good location with high standard 4 or 5 stars hotel. All rooms are standard which have different views such as pool view, garden view, mountain view, sea view.



There is a slogan saying that nature is a powerful weapon of healing, and it is a great food to satisfy your feelings, so our company always connect package tour with nature to give customers the experience of enjoying nature's ecstasy, learn about nature and conservation.


Connect to nature

Here are our packages in Cambodia and other countries which connect to nature:

  • Bokor Mountain, cambodia

  • Kompong Trach Cave , cambodia

  • koh rong, cambodia

  • koh rong senlem, cambodia

  • prek toal, cambodia

  • kong kang forest, cambodia

  • ongkam mountain , vietname

  • mount fuji, japan

  • the royal flora, thailand

  • etc…




Culture is a word for the 'way of life' of groups of people, meaning the way they do things. Different groups may have different cultures. A culture is passed on to the next generation by learning, whereas genetics are passed on by heredity. Culture is seen in people's writing, religion, music, clothes, cooking, and in what they do.



Connect to culture

Here are our packages in Cambodia and other countries which connect to culture:

  • angkor wat temple, cambodia

  • bontey srey temple, cambodia

  • bokor casino (old), cambodia

  • Cambodian life style

  • white temple, Thailand

  • hill tribe, Thauland

  • fuji temple, japan

  • ongkam mountain, vietnam

  • ect….




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